Facial Treatments

Customized Facial
A multi level exfoliation treatment completely customized for your skin type in a warm, relaxing setting. This treatment will leave your skin fresh, hydrated and radiant.
One Hour- $90
75 Minutes- $115
90 Minutes- $130

Clinical Cleansing Facial
This treatment will detoxify and remove blemishes that are clogging the pores. You will also receive guidance from your esthetician about how to prevent future breakouts. A great treatment for teenage skin!
One Hour- $80 and up

Peptide Facial
A powerful treatment that infuses the skin with restorative, wrinkle fighting and uplifting benefits of peptides in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. The peptides in this treatment will leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing!
One Hour- $90
75 Minutes- $115
90 Minutes- $130

Oxygen Facial
This treatment is good for all skin types. Benefits of both collagen and oxygen will leave your skin looking luminous and feeling firm. Your skin will look instantly hydrated and younger.
One Hour- $115-130

Mini Facial
This relaxing treatment will leave you with a glow. Your skin will appear more even, refreshed and nourished. Specifically designed for a special occasion or just a great pick me up.
30 Minutes- $55

Back Facial
A cleansing and pampering treatment for the hardest place to reach on your body. This treatment will cleanse and exfoliate the skin, while treating and congestion, to reveal smooth, rejuvenated skin.
45 Minutes- $70

Fire and Ice Treatment
A fantastic duo treatment that will exfoliate, draw out impurities and leave skin hydrated, glowing and nourished.
30 Minutes- $65

LED Light Therapy
This treatment uses light energy to improve cellular health and regulate cellular function. Blue light reduces inflammation and kills bacteria, which is great for those who struggle with acne. Red light is FDA approved to help fight wrinkles and fine lines. The infrared light helps reduce inflammation, which is good for those who suffer from pain.
30 Minutes- $30 (Series of ten- $200)



Makeup Application- $75
Makeup Lesson- $85
Special Occasion Makeup- $75 In Spa/$100 On Location
Special Occasion Trial- $50

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $175 and up
Fill Ins $50

the spa 


makeup bar

Advanced Treatments

PCA/Jessner Peels
Peels help accelerate cell renewal, even out skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, and help acne. This treatment will make your skin appear younger and healthier looking. Your esthetician will specifically design and peel for your skin type.

Microderm Treatment
Stimulation alone boosts blood circulation and revitalizes collagen production, which leads to the regrowth of new, younger looking skin.
One Hour- $65 (Series of 6 $330= $55 each)
Microderm Facial
90 Minutes- $130​

This treatment will rejuvenate your skin with no downtime, in a relaxing atmosphere. Microneedling will improve the appearance of your skin, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, pore size and overall texture.
$250 Per Treatment/ $1000 Per Series of Four (Includes after care products)


Dermaplaning is an intense exfoliation treatment that also removes fine, vellus hairs from the skin's surface. It promotes increased product penetration and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also great for those suffering from uneven skin tone!

Dermaplane- $60

Dermaplane Facial- $140


Brow- $17
Lip- $11
Chin- $11
Bikini- $35
Brazilian- $58 and up
Half Arm- $30 and up
Full Arm- $40 and up
Half Lower Leg- $35 and up
Upper Leg w/ Bikini- $60 and up
Full Leg w/ Bikini- $75
Full Leg w/ Brazilian- $100
Full Leg- $68 and up
Back Wax- $40 and up
Brow Tint- $15
Lash Tint- $25